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Writing Samples

My most recent writing and editing work has been for my web site clients. You can see a recent example of my marketing writing at On this page I also created the video by editing concert footage provided by the artists and weaving a story with stock images, clips, and sound effects.

OpenVMS floating-point arithmetic on the Intel Itanium architecture (White Paper)

This white paper discusses how floating point formats differ between the Alpha and Itanium platforms and the options programmers have for reconciling these differences. HP/Compaq provided the information to third party software companies porting their OpenVMS applications.

LexiLink: The Vocabulary Management Tool

Product report for clients from the life sciences interested in purchasing vocabulary management software. LexiLink is a vocabulary management tool developed by Arity Corporation (since renamed to Headspace Sprockets, LLC).

McNally Smith College of Music Viewbook

I was a contributing writer and editor.