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Alice and Jazz

"Alice - I love my website, and lots of folks say how stunning it is. The press publishing my book bragged on it and posted the address on their Facebook page. Thanks so much."

libby bernardin

"Smart Alice's web and technical expertise are masterful. She always meets deadlines, no matter how short, and is a pleasure to work with.

Alice is also a superb copy editor and editorial advisor, and resourceful in researching and finding artwork and photographs to support the content and message of articles and blogs for our publication.

Her combination of technical, creative and editorial skills is rare in today's world."

jeff mccord

Jeff McCord
McCord & Associates Public Relations/Public Affairs;
and, Founder/Editor of The Investor Advocate

"I get beaucoup compliments on my website ALL THE TIME!"

deb streit

Deborah Sue George
Screenwriter & Poet